Offline Registration

Right now the school is only accepting registrations offline but the admission form is available for download below. (The admission form charges are Rs. 25 will be charged while submitting the admission from in school.)

  • Admission Form
  • List of documents to be brought at the time of admission:-
    • 2 Passport size photograph of child.
    • Address proof (photocopy of Aadhaar card/electricity bill).
    • Photocopy of birth certificate.
    • Photocopy of past class report card.
    • Transfer Certificate where applicable.

Age Criteria for Admission:-

“Age flexibility by 6 months is considered depending on the general readiness of the child for the class applied for and availability of seats.

Nursery 3 years to 4 years
K.G4+ years to 5+ years
1st5+ years to 6+ years
2nd6+ years to 7+ years
3rd7+ years to 8+ years
4th8+years to 9+years
5th9+ years to 10+ years
6th10+ years to 12+ years
7th11+ years to 13+ Years
8th12+years to 14+ years
9th13+ years to 15 years
10th14+ years to 16+ years
11th15+ years to 17+ years
12th16+ years to 18 years

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