Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, and character appeal to students. It includes cultural events, library activities, science lab activities, classroom activities, creative arts, meditation, etc. Co-curricular fuel learning by stimulating creative thoughts and improving social and organizational skills.


  • Craft Making: using different papers and materials by children to do craft work. It will help to develop social habits as well as imagination power in children.
  •  Dancing: Through dancing, children will learn to express their feelings and emotions. It also boosts the confidence of the child.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports: Simple games like catch and throw can teach children how to control their movements and help develop memory muscles.
  • Painting/Coloring: Through painting child can give life to Non-living things. Also, children will learn about the various colors of life.
  • Singing: Through singing child will develop communication and vocal skills.
  • There are more activities like :
    ○ Trace the shape
    ○ Line Trace
    ○ Find the numbers
    ○ Colour the objects
    ○ Tearing and pasting
    ○ Etc.


  • National honor society
  • Student Council
  •  School sports team
  •  Maths club
  •  Talent shows
  •  Spelling bees
  •  Writing competiton
  •  Debates
  •  Mock trials
  •  Quiz and drama
  •  Fireless cooking
  •  Narrate stories
  •  Etc.


  • Drama/Theatre
  • Poetry
  • Debates
  • Essay competitions
  • Quiz competitions
  • Personality enhancing
  • Extempore
  • Digital presentations
  • Education field trips
  • Accent and Fluent
  • English speaking
  • Real-life practicals
  • General knowledge
  • Workshops/Exhibitions
  • Live concerts
  • Etc.

Secondary & Sr.Secondary:

  • Guest lectures
  • Financial literacy to each and every child
  •  Tips to crack P.Is
  •  Works on Communciation skills
  •  Mentoring them toward future
  •  Decision-making skills
  •  Guide them on how to tackle and handle various real-life situations
  •  Teach them how to handle rejections and work on them.
  • And many more …

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